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💡Own A Smart Home With These 7️⃣ High-Tech Devices

Today, I’m so excited to share with you seven high-tech investments that you can include in your next home improvement project.

1. Solar panels. It may sound like an odd place to start since the Pacific Northwest isn’t known for being all that sunny, but we’re one of the fastest-growing solar panel markets in the United States. This is all due to solar panel incentives offered by the state, as well as solar-friendly utility companies. Depending on the energy efficiency of the rest of your home, you can end up harvesting more energy than you used, and you’ll be able to make some residual income that way.

2. Digital and LED lighting. Digital lighting is great because you’re able to switch lights on and off from anywhere in the house. Being able to turn off lights more easily makes it more likely that you’re going to actually turn them off. LED light bulbs last 225 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs. This is because they waste little-to-no energy converting electricity into light.

3. Smart glass. This is a highly innovative technological advancement that eliminates your needs for curtains or blinds, while still maintaining privacy. It has automatic sensors in it that can change the glass from clear to translucent to opaque.

4. Smart thermostats. This is an inexpensive upgrade that you can add which will allow you to change the temperature of your house with the use of a smartphone. It can also be programmed to automatically turn off when your smartphone leaves the house, thereby saving you money.

The Pacific Northwest is one of the fastest-growing markets for solar panels in the United States.

5. Smart locks. With this intelligent addition, your doors will automatically lock behind you when you leave so there’s no more worry about whether or not you locked the doors before you left the home. You can also operate the locks remotely, letting someone in if you need to when you’re not at home. For added security, it can send you notifications every time someone unlocks and locks the doors.

6. Surveillance cameras. Having surveillance cameras is the best way to record any activity going on outside your house as well as inside. Whether or not you’re trying to keep intruders out or just keeping an eye on what’s going on inside your home while you’re away, you really cannot go wrong with this investment.

7. Vacuum baseboards. Vacuuming is hardly anyone’s favorite chore, especially if you have a large house with many rooms. With this innovative solution, when it’s time for cleaning, simply turn on the main switch and you’ll be able to suck up all that dirt and dust right through the baseboards.

Let us know if you plan to install any of these smart features in your own home! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

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