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How Staging Changes the Stats

Julie R Baldino

Front Door Realty is locally owned and operated...

Front Door Realty is locally owned and operated...

Oct 4 2 minutes read

In 2017, The National Association of Realtors came out with a profile of home staging that painted a more than positive picture for staging a home. 

One of their most shocking stats is that only 4% of home buyers were not affected by the staging of a home. By staging a home, you are taking out all of your things that are personal, and either using pieces you already have, or using a professional staging expert's pieces to create a neutral home-y vibe. 77% of people said it was easier to visualize the house as a future home once it was staged. In the above picture, the top is before and the bottom is after, small accents like a vase and carpet impacting the view. 

You may think of all the rooms you have to stage and get overwhelemed, but don't! Staging a few rooms and showcasing them is really what is important. The living room was found to be the most important at 55%, then the master bedroom at 51%, and finally the kitchen, following closely at 41%. 

Crazy enough, staging can actually affect the value of a home with a third of staged houses getting an extra 1-5% more than others in the area that aren't staged! 

If you can't afford to stage, at least think about de-cluttering. De-cluttering and staging have proven to reduce time on the market by 62%!

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