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8 Reasons To List Your Home During The Holiday Season

Julie R Baldino

Front Door Realty is locally owned and operated...

Front Door Realty is locally owned and operated...

Feb 5 3 minutes read

We have conversations on daily basis with potential home sellers. A common objection we hear this time of year is that "homes don't sell" during the holidays. Others think there are no buyers in all the chaos of the season. Neither are true!

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In years past, we’ve experienced great results for our sellers throughout the holidays. Here are 8 reasons why we feel it is the best time to sell:

1. Serious Buyers

While its true that the number of buyers decreases in fall and winter, those home buyers that are pounding the pavement in the snow and ice to see houses are SERIOUS - and we  want those buyers checking out your listing!

2. Low Inventory

Due to the myths associated with selling during the holiday and people not wanting to make a move amidst the chaos of the season, there are fewer homes for sale. Low inventory is a sellers best friend!

3. Beat the Rush

Once the holidays are over, guess what happens? Everyone puts their house on the market and you have a lot of competition.

4.  Showings Play to Buyer Emotions

The decorations, the lights, the wreaths and trees! Buyers ❤️  well-decorated homes, and can picture themselves spending the holiday with family and friends... in your house!

5. Time to House Hunt

During the holiday season, people have time off work and are busy looking online at homes.  Having yours on the market at a time when buyers are available, greatly increases our chances of landing the perfect buyer!

6. You Set the Schedule

Dinner parties, family functions, and other activities can make it difficult to show your home. Don’t worry - we understand that, buyers get it, and we will set showing restrictions that work for you.

7. Stay in Your Home Through the New Year

Even if you sell your home quickly, we can negotiate terms that will allow you to remain there after the first of the year, so you can take stress of having to move during the holidays off your plate.

8. You Have More Buying Power 

The greatest benefit to selling a home during the holidays is buying your next one. Since we’ve already sold yours, you will be a non-contingent buyer when the rush of inventory hits the market in January and February. You can then make stronger offers and more aggressively secure your dream home.

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