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5 Home Cleaning Items for Pet Owners to Be Aware of

Julie R Baldino

Front Door Realty is locally owned and operated...

Front Door Realty is locally owned and operated...

Feb 5 2 minutes read

We all love our pets, but they can get in the way of a home sale. Here’s how to make sure they don’t.
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When you get ready to sell your home and you're a pet owner, there is a special list of home cleaning and repair items you need to complete before you get ready to show your home. Here are five of the most common and how you can quickly remedy them:

1. Get rid of the fur. Grab a lightly dampened sponge to wipe up pet fur on furniture and flooring.

2. Get rid of stains. Our pets leave a variety of stains that can wreak havoc on a home. If you have the chance, hire a professional to clean your carpets or even replace your flooring if need be.

Pet damage can really deter buyers.

3. Be aware of your nose blindness. We don’t notice the smell of our own pets while we’re living in a home for the most part. A neutral third party will notice, however, and can give you valuable advice on how to neutralize the scent.

4. Repair any damage. If there is any part of the house that your pet has scratched, clawed, and chewed at, get it fixed. This kind of thing can really deter buyers but is relatively inexpensive to fix.

5. Remove all signs of your pets. This includes bowls, toys, litter boxes, and anything else that lets buyers know you have pets.

If you have any other questions for us about getting your home ready for sale, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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