Chloe Baldino
Online Communications Specialist

Chloe Baldino began working as an administrative staff member and was then chosen to fill the position of Social Media Marketing Specialist for five years. She is now a Customer Concierge who specializes in online communication, and her work day is spent keeping touch with clients as well as making sure they are having a pleasurable experience with the company. 

Chloe likes to take a break from staring at computer screens so she can stare at pieces of paper; spending free time on artwork like drawings, paintings, poetry, music, makeup artistry, sculptures and random sparkly DIY projects. A Pacific Northwest native, she adores living in Washington, but is also a travel junkie who loves to see new parts of the world. Chloe loves to sing, dance, spend time with family & friends, and is a proud feminist. She is passionate about helping animals and people, with the ultimate goal of leaving the world in a better place than how she found it.

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